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ChicagoVPS Review – Was Good But Now Sucks…

I’ve had a server with ChicagoVPS for many months now. I primarily use it to host a very small Minecraft server for my friends. It’s been great for months up until now. The server has started to receive very bad disk latency to the point where even sending commands in the terminal is slow. I’m getting about 30MB/s on the drive, it use to be in the hundreds when I got it. I am also only seeing about 5-10 IOPS. I’ve contacted support and they just say it’s shared resources and that I’m SOL, they also tried to sell me dedicated hardware (which I don’t need/want). It’s sad because the server has been so great and now it’s just useless to me. Just a warning to others interested in purchasing a server from ChicagoVPS.

If you have any questions, please ask away!